Was denkst du, Nokia ?

Nokia has long history in mobile industries. So they don't want to abandon their kingdom easily. If Nokia accepts Android that means they will help Google indirectly to promote Android !!! Money will go to Google. And no one knows Nokia anymore !!!! Currently when we talk about Android, we will link with Google, if we talk about iphone, ipad, ipod, we think about Apple. If we talk about Symbian, Meego, we will talk about Nokia. But if Nokia use Android, then Nokia just like other hardware vendors - Acer, Asus, Dell. Actually Nokia begins with hardware and their software store is not powerful than Google/M$/Apple. In long term, Google will win if Nokia accepts Android. But no one knows when Nokia can create MeeGo with good quality to compete with IOS or Android or WM7. It seems that Nokia was old brother in the past, but time changes now, may be Google is new emperor in mobile technologies. I think that if Nokia and Google can cooperate, we will have another excellent consequence. But Nokia will not abandon his "親生仔" Symbian......So we can know what happen !! smartphone competition is so great now, no one knows who win at last but Google gains more and more popularity now, 氣勢很強勁 !! There are many BB and iPhone and other mobile phone users changed to Android now. Only two years time, Google already affect the balanced mobile phone industries for many year. Apple is still a strong competitor. I think that Gingerbread come out two weeks later and Honeycomb can make Android more stable and powerful. Google is incredible and wunderbar !! :)