Germany and German

I want to share something about Germany and German, hope that every one likes my article.

German is a mysterious tribes and species. It has been exist for many many years and can be traced back to Roman empire. At that time Germanic tribes won and prevent expansion by Roman Empire. It was AD 9. Then there were many wars happened like Napoleonic Wars. It was famous war in Europe and changes many power status of European countries.After Napoleonic Wars, Germany was organized and then German Empire was created in 1871 and led by Otto von Bismarck. Actually I remembered Otto when I was studying history in secondary school for Germany history. Germany had the largest land before she was defeated in WWI. This was 1918. Then another great and questionable leader born and bring Deutschland into another era. That guy was Adolf Hitler, he preferred totalitarian regime over its citizen. His behaviour led to WWII. He became famous and significant in Germany history. Germany was divided into West and East Germany after Hilter ages. One is democratic and another is communist. But the earth is round. So the country will be separated into different nations if it stays for long time, also it may combine other nations into complete country after long time. So East and West Germany reunited again in 1990. After WWI and WWII, also the unification Germany is now become democratic country and lead by female Chanceller, sie heißt "Angela Dorothea Merkel". Germany also try integrated all other European currency into united currency called "Euro". Even Germany is now a democratic and peaceful country although I still think that she has biggest decisional power among G8 or G20. Germany is big in European Union. As she created a united currency and system to group all European countries into this society.

In history we know that European countries were in separated status and they don't helped each other. Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Deutschland, Luxembourg, Greece, Poland, England and Denmark. Even the total area of these countries together are not bigger than China or North America but their economy was so strong.Most of European speak German due to those countries are under control and conquered by Germany before. Also there are some German-American who live in America also know German. But according to statistics, German is not the three most language in the world.The most commonly used language must be English, no one will doubt about that. Second will be Spanish, as we know America is the center of the world now. N/S America people speak Spanish. The third will be Russian due to its geographical location. The fourth may be French or Portugese due to their colonial countries over USA and Africa in oldies day. The number of Chinese speaker should be less than English but more than Spanish as not only Chinese in China also Chinese in overseas. Although I think that the number of French and German speakers are similar due to their colonial period. In the past Germany invaded France, Belgium, Luxembourg. So may be they forced the surrender people to speak German. So their offspring may know how to speak German. In the glorious day, Germany had much land than others in Europe, so they have power to decide.

It is amazing that German language can be created and used for 2000 years. It has totally different grammar with English. The formation of words can be complex by combining them. The words are typically long and difficult to remember if you don't use so often. There are different cases and easy to get error if you are not familiar with, nominative, accusative, dative and genitive. The formation of tenses are difficult to understand, some have patterns but some need to be remembered. Pronunciation is not easy to achieve. You will not know the meaning if you only can listen without reading the whole paragraphs. But most interesting is that you may not know the meaning even you can read the passages and listen for many many times. You cannot guess the meaning of words without lookup the dictionary.

Learning German is the process of matching games. Disintegrate the sentences and assemble the words into different manner to satisfy the another rules. This time is German rule not English rule. Plural and singular are not easy. Although it is still interesting and attract me to continue to learn.

I don't know whether I can pass the examination later as listening and speaking still the most difficult part when learning German. Although I still try my best and put effort on it to learn. But one thing is true, native German is easy to learn English but English speakers may not easy to master German language. You can master French after you learn German as their grammar are similar. They have masculine,feminine and neuter nommen Wörter

I'm still unable to read those Nachrichten and understand, so I'm now use bilingual training to improve my German. At least you can familiar with common words you use in both English and German. Then after you achieve certain level, you can advance to another by reading Nachrichten. Actually I lose appetitude to read Nachrichten and so called "Kinder Bücher", those "Kinder Bücher" are really difficult to understand without dictionary on your hands. But I still enjoy this kind of matching games.

Anyone can share their tips on learning German. Then we can benefit from each others and find good ways to learn and improve.