US sovereignty debt issue

May be it is good for US Government to shutdown until Democrats and Republicans consider deeply and considerately what they should do in order to maintain the operation of Congress. I just think both parties only consider themselves without their citizens.  Republicans always object implementation of Obama health care reform. But I think that new health care reform can reduce excessive spending on health. May be Republicans favor of social benefit. But if there is too much benefit which country or nation cannot tolerate then it's time to reform or cut budget especially US encountered tremendous number of sovereignty debts of over 16-17 trillion. It is astrological number. In long term US should find some ways to reduce unnecessary expenditure and think about new sources of income to maintain debt under manageable level.

When I read this news. I feel astonished that US workers don't have pay. It is unbelievable. Because I think US Congress can raise their sovereignty debt as they want. But Republicans always attack and object the Obama health care policy. Sometimes I think they are "primary school chicken" and their mindset are immature. Not only US but also HK and other civilized countries health and aging population are serious in near 20-30 years. In order to maintain good service, the cost should be shared by tax payers. That means tax payers need to pay more to compensate the high health cost. If Government doesn't want to take responsibilities fully then citizens need to take care of their health and change beverage habit.

I don't know whether the shutdown of US Government will affect global economy. In short term I think the effect is not significant but in long term it still has impact. So I hope bi-partisan don't play chicken games anymore. They should consider world economy as a whole without affecting other countries. US currently is still no.1 economic country. If US Government falls down then China may has pressure as China has different kinds of issues like shadow banks and high flat price. Even China Government did something to maintain the activities of lending money to manageable level but the risk is still so high. Hope that Obama administration can cooperate with Republicans to stop struggling non-sense issue. Otherwise QE3 should be carried out continuously without schedule and delay the economic recovery of other countries.  XD